Summer Sports Camp

For young athletes who enjoy a wide variety of sports, our Sports Camp is a dream come true! Tennis, lifeguard supervised swimming, basketball, soccer and volleyball headline the roster of sports offered at our Cliff Drysdale Sports Camp. Through spirited play and friendly competition, campers experience the thrill of sports and team play at California's most exciting and comprehensive multi-sport camp.


All campers receive a camp t-shirt and video of the week for attending!


Ultimate Sports Camps Time:



Session Pricing:

Weekly - $185 Mem / $205 Non Mem

Daily - $60 Mem / $70 Non Mem

Aftercare - $60 weekly/ $20 daily



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Fairfield Rancho Solano: June 8-August 14

In-Shape: Rancho Solano, 3250 Rancho Solano Pkwy

Director Contact: Stewart Crerar

E: s.crerar@cliffdrysdale.com or PH: (707) 421-8600

Stockton Marina: June 1 - August 8

In-Shape: Stockton Marina, 6445 Embarcadero

Director Contact: Harry Wright

E: h.wright@cliffdrysdale.com or PH: (209) 478-1922


Vacaville Browns Valley: June 8 - August 14

In-Shape: Browns Valley, 3446 Browns Valley Rd

Director Contact: Aaron King

E: a.king@cliffdrysdale.com or PH: (707) 449-6465

Dover: June 8-August 14

In-Shape: Dover, 3001 Dover Ave.

Director Contact: Duncan Macleod

E: d.macleod@cliffdrysdale.com or PH: (707) 425-1483

Sports Camp Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Time: 10:30am-1:30pm | Price weekly: $110, $130 Daily: $45, $50


Tracy: May 25 - August 7

In-Shape: Tracy Blvd, 101 S. Tracy Blvd

Director Contact: Stewart Crerar

E: s.crerar@cliffdrysdale.com or PH: (209) 830-1344

Visalia: June 8 - August 14

In-Shape: Demaree, 909 N. Demaree

Director Contact: Irene Mahnke

E: i.mahnke@cliffdrysdale.com or PH: (559) 622-0480


Call 1-800-731-1240 for more information!